Pay meter rental

Taxiworld Limited meter rental terms and conditions

  • The minimum meter rental period is 12 months and full payment is required before or on the day of the meter renewal. Charges will vary depending on whether you are an owner driver or a fleet. These can be found on our website:
  • Once payment has been received for your rental, you can have the meter installed at any Taxiworld Limited approved service agent. A list of these agents is available on our website:
  • If you return your meter within the 12-month period we will cancel your agreement and any remaining rental will be credited to your meter account.
  • This rental agreement is non-transferable and therefore should NOT be sold on with your vehicle.
  • Notice period of a minimum of three months should be given if not renewing the meter rental.
  • It is your responsibility to return the meter rented from Taxworld Limited to one of our approved service agents. Lost meters will incur a charge of £300.00 plus VAT for the full replacement cost.
  • Taxiworld Limited will repair or replace any defective meters at no additional cost for the duration of the rental period as long as the defective meter is not missing, damaged, vandalised or tampered with. If there are any signs of this, an immediate payment for the full replacement cost of the meter will be required before servicing.
  • Any change of vehicle or cancellation will incur a £10.00 admin charge.
  • If you have any queries about your meter please contact us on 0208 885 8666 or email