Pay meter rental

The payment solution for London Black Cabs.

Transport For London Approved

Smart tipping

Get more tips with our tip top system!

Our bespoke algorithm, designed around London and based on data from over 10 million journeys, automatically adjusts to suggest the perfect tip so that more passengers press yes.

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Goodbye paper, hello digital!

Modernising the trade, we now have a built-in e-receipt available to passengers by scanning a QR code on the pin-pad. No fuss, no hassle and no more buying paper!*
* option to print receipt is still available as per TfL regulations

Integrated cameras

Protect yourself from false accusations and complicated claims processes with footage of what really happened – recorded on an integrated TfL-approved camera.

Your payments

Easily check your payments and job history. Manage your account information on the move. Access your payments whenever you need to from your phone, laptop or iPad.

Ready to get started?

We have five installation and service sites across London:


The High Cross Centre
5 Fountayne Rd
N15 4QL


39-41 Brewery Road
N7 9QH


Ascotts Dartford
11 Applegarth Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to help you get familiar with your new Taxiworld Payment System.

Processing a Payment

How do I process a card payment?

Once you stop the meter, the fare will automatically appear on the passenger pin-pad with an option to leave a tip. Your passenger can then tap, insert or swipe their card.

How do I know if a payment has been approved or declined?

When a transaction is approved, your screen will turn GREEN.

When a transaction is declined, your screen will turn RED.

IMPORTANT: Do not clear your meter while a transaction is processing as the green / red screens will not appear and you won't know if the transaction was approved or declined.

Payment approved and declined screens

What happens with cards that require a passenger's signature?

  1. Your passenger will be prompted to swipe their card.
  2. Get your passenger to sign the printout.
  3. Once you have verified the signature press ACCEPT SIGNATURE.
  4. You will then see the approved green screen or declined red screen.

IMPORTANT: If you don't press ACCEPT SIGNATURE before clearing your meter, the payment will not process and you will not get paid!

Signature required screens

What if the passenger insists payment has been made?

A passenger may try to show you that they have paid using a banking app on their phone. A 'pending' transaction in an app is not evidence of payment! Your screen turning green is how you know payment has been made.

What do I do if I have a problem taking a payment?

We can take payment over the phone 24/7 on 0208 885 8666.

Tipping and receipts

What does the tipping algorithm do?

Designed to more than cover your processing fees, the suggested tip amount automatically adjusts based on the metered fare so your passenger simply pressesyes

What the tipping algorithm does

What is the Taxiworld tip guarantee?

We guarantee that the tips you receive on your metered fares over a month will more than cover your processing fees. If they don't, we'll pay you the difference!

From the last 300,000 meter jobs, 250,539 have received tips (84%)

The Taxiworld Tip Guarantee

How does a passenger leave a higher or lower tip than the one suggested by Taxiworld?

Tell your passenger to:

  1. Press the red cross ONCE.
  2. Enter their desired tip amount.
  3. Press the green tick to confirm.
How a passenger can change the tip amount

How does a passenger leave no tip?

Tell your passenger to press the red cross TWICE.

How a passenger can leave no tip

How does a passenger get an e-receipt?

A QR code will automatically appear on the pin-pad after the fare has been paid. Your passenger simply scans the QR code to get their e-receipt.

Passenger e-receipt

How do I print a cash receipt?

  1. Press the Print receipt button on the home screen.
  2. Print the Last meter job.
How to print a cash receipt


How often do I get paid?

We pay you on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Tuesday payments cover Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday jobs.
  • Friday payments cover Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday jobs.

Daily payments are available for a fee of £1 a week.

IMPORTANT: Payments are typically in your account by midday but may take longer depending on your bank.

How do I check my payments?

There are three ways to view your payments:

  1. We email you a PDF statement every time we pay you.
  2. Press the Payments button on the home screen and then press Details to view the payment summary.

  3. Login to your Taxiworld driver account.
How to view payments

Prices and fees

What does the Taxiworld Payment System cost?

Fare + Tip Fee
£5 and below £0
Up to £100 3.75% + 20p
£100 and over £3.95
The Taxiworld Tip Guarantee

Remember, we guarantee that the tips you receive on your metered fares over a month will more than cover your processing fees. If they don’t, we’ll pay you the difference!


How do I reboot my system if it's not working?

  1. Press and hold the red button on the top left of the screen for 2 seconds.
  2. Press RESTART on the screen.

If you still have a problem, contact our team on 0208 885 8666.

How to reboot the system