Taximeter Rentals

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  • 16 Taxiworld Dealers throughout London
  • SIM cards mean no more inconvenient tariff changes
  • Mobile service available for Fleets

Pricing (yearly)

Owner Driver £162
Fleet 50+ vehicles £96
Fleet 25-50 vehicles £102
Fleet 5-24 vehicles £108
Fleet 2-4 vehicles £120

Enquire about Meter Rentals

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MR 400S SIM Meter

Getting up and running is easy

  1. 1 We mail you a SIM card loaded with updated tariff info
  2. 2 Simply pop the new card into your taximeter
  3. 3 You're ready to get back on the road

Rental terms and conditions

Minimum rental period is 12 months and full payment is required before or on the day of the meter renewal. Cheque payments should be sent at least 5 days before renewal.

If you return your meter within the 12 month period we will cancel your agreement and any remaining rental will be credited to your meter account.

This rental agreement is non transferable and therefore should NOT be sold on with your vehicle.

It is your responsibility to return the equipment. Lost meters will incur a charge of £200.00 plus VAT for the full replacement cost.

Notice of a minimum of three months should be given if not renewing rental.

Any change of vehicle or cancellation will incur a £10.00 admin charge.